Organize Your Qualifications

Your profile allows you to specify your company’s offices by location, minority status, trade codes, project history, areas of work and much more – making it easy for general contractors looking for your skill set to find you.



Receive More Project Invitations

With complete details on where and what you build, general contractors can easily find your complete and current contact information to send you invitations to bid and prequalify for current or future construction projects. Tens of thousands of GCs access the integrated SmartInsight network through bidding software like SmartBid every week to find project partners.



Manage Project Communications

Search, connect and communicate with other contractors in the SmartInsight network and receive emails, requests for information and project invitations from SmartBid and more, directly to your SmartInsight Inbox. If your general contractors use SmartBid, SmartInsight gives you direct access to your consolidated project invite list in SmartBid.



Clear Qualification Hurdles

Designed with the subcontractor in mind, SmartInsight is eliminating error, omission, duplication and the administrative burden typically associated with meeting qualification and compliance demands. SmartInsight gives subcontractors the tools to selectively send and request information in a secure, centralized online platform.




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