Marketplace Integrations


With our partner system integrators, you can leverage their technical expertise to find more projects, simplify the prequalification process, and identify, manage and avoid risk. Learn how, with a profile, you can take advantage of these marketplace integrations and ultimately win more projects.





Through SmartInsight’s integration with SmartBid, subs using SmartInsight can be found more easily by general contractors sending invitations to bid from SmartBid. With the SmartBid and SmartInsight integration, subcontractors can:

  • Merge SmartBid profiles into a single profile for centralized organization of bid project invitations & documents
  • Quickly, easily and accurately submit project and qualification information from SmartInsight to interested contractors
  • Submit more bids in less time using centralized information and forms
  • Receive more invitations to bid and connect from contractors looking for SmartInsight subs building in your areas of work and expertise


Through SmartInsight’s integration with Marsh SubSecure, users gain access to the industry’s premier Subcontractor Financial Benchmarking Service for qualifying businesses. With the Marsh SubSecure integration, subs can:

  • Pull individual SubSecure reports that score a contractor’s financial factors against ten key areas to identify risks for default
  • Request an individual contractor “Z Score,” an indicator of potential financial problems
  • Generate a contractor portfolio report, to analyze the credit and financial quality of potential project partners


Through SmartInsight’s integration with Dun & Bradstreet, company information in SmartInsight is verified against the largest business database in the world. Contractors can then use integrated D&B tools to access cleansed, verified data and order reports on their current and potential construction project partners. With the D&B and SmartInsight integration, users can:

  • Create a DUNS-verified business profile
  • Pull four types of D&B reports from within the system on any D&B verified business
  • Receive a routine discount on all reports pulled within SmartInsight
  • Make better partner selections to mitigate project risk


Through SmartInsight’s integration with Bowen, Miclette and Britt COVReports, subs can request a multidimensional risk rating on any potential partner’s operational stability. With the COVReports and SmartInsight integration, users can:

  • Assess operational and safety risk of any potential project partner, subcontractor or supplier
  • Pull a full COVReport on your own company to assess your own risk
  • Receive discounts if you’re also a BM&B customer
  • Store previously-purchased COVReports within SmartInsight


Through SmartInsight’s integration with STACK, users can perform simple estimating tasks on files synced to their SmartInsight Projects planroom from invitations to bid for increased project cost accuracy. With the STACK integration, you can:

  • Open and view project plans with the STACK viewer
  • Use from anywhere, nothing to download
  • Perform advanced take-offs and markups on project plans
  • Accurately and quickly estimate material volume and costs


Through SmartInsight’s integration with ConsensusDocs, standardized construction qualification forms, such as CD 721, are integrated directly into the system for easy use and submission for project bids. With the ConsensusDocs integration, you can:

  • Generate and download a completed CD721 form from your SmartInsight profile information with one click
  • Centralize, organize and quickly share your qualification, compliance, safety data
  • Adhere to industry standards for subcontractor information collection

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