5 Ways Subcontractors Can Find More Projects by Using SmartInsight

5 Ways Subcontractors Can Find More Projects by Using SmartInsight

SmartInsight is an online global construction network that connects subcontractors to general contractors, at no cost. SmartInsight makes searching, selecting, and verifying contractors and construction projects easier and more efficient. Spend less time searching for work, and spend more time actually communicating with general contractors, when you claim your free SmartInsight profile today.


The Pain that is Searching for Subcontractor Work 

The processes that many subcontractors use to find projects are often tedious and time consuming. Subcontractors who are not members of SmartInsight often find themselves doing one or more of the following, all in the pursuit of simply finding jobs.

  • Spending countless hours networking in person, while also trying to find a means to successfully network online, with potential general contractors.
  • Practically begging anyone that will listen to refer their services to a friend, family member, business…and the list goes on and on.
  • Manually distributing fliers and business cards.
  • And the most common, using search engines to find work through the use of these few dreaded words “such and such subcontractor jobs”.  Then, spending subsequent hours weeding through the search results to HOPEFULLY find at least one project that they may be qualified to win.

If you are a subcontractor that is currently relying on any of the above methods to find construction projects, SmartInsight is here to make your life easier


Five Ways SmartInsight Makes Subcontractors Lives Easier 

  1. Subcontractors Can Claim A Profile, At No Cost When a subcontractor claims their free SmartInsight profile, they specify their company’s information including their location, minority status, trade codes, project history, areas of work, certifications and more. This information makes it easier for general contractors to find the subcontractors with the skill sets they are specifically looking for. All of which eliminates the need for subcontractors to tediously search for general contractors on the internet!
  2. Get Bids From Thousands of General Contractors – SmartInsight integrates with SmartBid to allow subs to be directly placed in front of GCs who use SmartBid. Ten thousand plus general contractors use SmartBid to search for project partners every week. Making it simple for GCs to find and contact your subcontracting company. We even have tips on the questions you should be asking before committing to working with a construction company!
  3. Share & Request Project Information From ContractorsSmartInsight users are able to quickly search our large network! Subcontractors are able to easily share and request information privately with general contractors through the SmartInsight network.
  4. Receive & Respond Quickly to Contractors Subcontractors are able to quickly respond to invitations to bid from general contractors. Subs can also use SmartInsight to prequalify for future projects through our easy to complete ConsensusDocs 721 form.
  5. Perform Takeoff & Estimating – SmartInsight integrates with STACK Construction Technologies, allowing subs to view project documents and to perform takeoff and estimating on projects directly within the SmartInsight system. (Yay for consolidation!)

SmartInsight’s unique system enables subcontractors to find projects easily, and more efficiently. Our strategic integrations with STACK Construction Technologies, Dun & Bradstreet, Marsh & McLennan, COVReports and ConsensusDocs allows subs to not only network with contractors, but to also streamline their invitation to bid processes.

Claim your free SmartInsight profile and start growing your subcontracting business today!

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