SmartInsight – 5 Ways Subcontractors Can Make More Industry Connections

SmartInsight is the fastest growing online construction network for connecting subcontractors to general contractors! Joining is free, and the results are endless. Find more work, grow your network, manage bids, projects, risk and more by creating your SmartInsight user profile. Start connecting with general contractors and winning more bids today!

How Subcontractors Typically Make Industry Connections  

Networking and making those important industry connections is often one of the most tedious tasks for construction subcontractors. From countless hours scouring the internet in search of general contractors to the many days spent networking in person, making those important industry connections is easier said than done. The following are typical subcontractor networking strategies, that often result in frustration and the formation of very few successful connections:

  • Attending as many construction conferences and trade shows as humanely possible. Resulting in a bogged down calendar and less time to advance your business initiatives.
  • Googling “such and such subcontractor jobs” in the hopes of finding at least one general contractor who will want to network with your subcontracting business.
  •  Relying on general networking sites such as LinkedIn to grow awareness of your business.


5 Ways Subcontractors Can Make More Connections, Easily, Using SmartInsight  

Luckily, SmartInsight takes those hassles out of the ever so important task of growing your construction connections. SmartInsight is like speed dating for contractors. Just like in dating, every day hundreds of general contractors use SmartInsight to find the perfect, qualified, subcontractor that meets all of their desired requirements. Below are the 5 ways that subs use SmartInsight to make those ever so important connections.

  1. Create a User Profile, At No Cost  General contractors are able to search SmartInsight profiles to find the subcontractors that meets their needs. By creating a user profile that specifies where and what you build, general contractors are able to easily find your company to start connecting on projects.
  2. Quickly Search for Potential Project Partners – Not only are general contractors able to search the SmartInsight network, but subcontractors are also able to search and find the general contractors that they wish to connect with. Helping you to ultimately earn more projects.
  3. Easily Import Your Current Contacts – SmartInsight also has a bulk import option to allow you to import your existing contacts, all at once, into SmartInsight. SmartInsight keeps track of your contacts most current contact information so you no longer have to manually update contact information in spreadsheets! In this way, SmartInsight acts as a dynamic, always current, phonebook of your construction contacts!
  4. See Who’s Viewed Your Profile & Connect – SmartInsight enables users to see what searches their company is showing up in, or if someone has viewed their profile. The transparency of this information allows contractors to stay informed on potential projects and to connect with companies that view their profile. Making the collaboration and networking processes simpler.
  5. Request and Share Information with GC’s While engaging and connecting with contractors within SmartInsight, you are also able to share and request project information privately and securely.


SmartInsight’s unique system helps to eliminate the pain associated with building a contractor network. Not only can SmartInsight grow your contractor connections, but our integrations with STACK Construction Technologies, Dun & Bradstreet, Marsh & McLennan, and ConsensusDocs allows subs to not only network with contractors, but to also streamline their prequalification, invitation to bid, estimating and takeoff processes. Click here to learn more about how SmartInsight can grow your construction industry network.


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