How to get your SmartInsight Premium Account in Prime Condition

The number one question we at SmartInsight receive from SmartInsight Users is, “How do I get General Contractors to send me invites?” The answer: provide as much detailed, verified information about your company as possible to gain the trust of General Contractors. Luckily, this tactic of providing as much qualifying information on your company as possible has gotten easier thanks to the recent rollout of SmartInsight Premium.

SmartInsight Premium is a means to enhance the basic SmartInsight user experience. An upgrade to SmartInsight Premium allows users to see who has been viewing their profile, provide more in depth information on their company including pictures, logos, and videos, and request and share detailed information on financial, operational, banking and other metrics. Ultimately, SmartInsight Premium’s initiative is to provide users the ability to separate themselves apart from the competition, and receive more construction project invites, through the creation of information rich profiles.

When selecting a subcontractor, general contractors seek truthful and transparent business partners who are willing to provide high quality reports about themselves. This transparency allows general contractors to gain an understanding of their potential subcontractors’ capabilities and prior performance, prior to committing to working together. When general contractors search for subcontractors that are in the SmartInsight system, they are more likely to initiate interaction with those who are SmartInsight Premium users due to the distinguished look of their profile and the extent of the information that is easily provided. With tens of thousands of general contractors using integrated bid management software like SmartBid to discover SmartInsight users, the potential to grow your construction network is easily available by simply upgrading to SmartInsight Premium.

Try the new SmartInsight Premium at no cost for 30 days and experience how simply providing more detailed information about your company within SmartInsight can increase the chances of general contractors sending invitations to bid and prequalify your way. General contractors seek reliable subcontractors, especially those that have already qualified themselves. Distinguish your company from the pack by clearly indicating your credentials with SmartInsight Premium and experience the difference information clarity will make for your business.

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7 Tips to Help Subcontractors Win More Bids with SmartInsight

Technology is quickly becoming the leading mechanism for success and growth within the construction industry. As a tech provider, we see it as our primary duty to help ease the transition into construction’s “age of tech.” So we put together the following list of tips to help your company understand how leading subcontractors are staying competitive, harnessing tech and setting themselves apart in the bid process.

  1. Join relevant subcontractor organizations to ensure your name is being spread among a reliable community. This ultimately assists with building your professional network and being more easily found. Learn more about construction industry organizations such as AGC, MCAA, CFMA, NECA, ASA and more.   
  2. Try out the latest tools and technologies to stay at least one year ahead of the competition. The latest tech can help you operate faster and more efficiently so there is more time to focus your energy on bidding on more projects. Examples of technology that is taking construction by storm includes wearables in the workplace, 3D scanning, drones, and even GPS technology to track the location and productivity of workers. Learn more on the ConTechTrio weekly construction tech news podcast recordings and recaps.
  3. Stay organized by efficiently managing bids, prequal requests estimating and other daily tasks. Online construction networks such as SmartInsight will help your company stay focused and organized. SmartInsight gives you a centralized platform to organize and share your company’s qualifications, certifications, and areas of work so you can quickly respond to bid and prequal requests. With an exclusive partnership with SmartBid, SmartInsight also gives thousands of GCs access to your information to invite you to projects. In addition, SmartInsight’s recent integration with STACK Estimating makes staying organized even during the takeoff process easy and efficient!
  4. Choose your partners carefully. Ensure you are only working alongside partners that meet your qualifications and are considered to be high quality performers. Avoid work going unpaid or other possible misfortunes – be picky. Utilize pre qualification tools such as D&B credit reports, COVReports, and SubSecure to generate detailed credit, financial and operational reports on potential partner companies or on your own company to share. Know who you’re working with before accepting the project.
  5. Network, Network, Network. Successful companies make their presence known. Attend conferences like CONEXPO and CONSTRUCT and other educational networking events to build the connections that could ultimately lead to future work. (Shameless Plug/Pro Tip: SmartInsight is a user-friendly, no cost method of online networking – if you meet someone at a conference, for example, you can easily send them a link to join SmartInsight and quickly connect online to connect for future projects or referrals!)  
  6. Ensure all your information is up to date on your website and social media platforms. Be sure it is clearly stated on your websites, emails, and social media platforms how your company can best be contacted. This allows those who are searching to do work with you to easily contact you. SmartInsight even has a feature to ensure your company is getting the best exposure possible by allowing users to embed a link to their SmartInsight profile in emails and websites!  
  7. Be a trustworthy company that others would want to do business with. It may sound easier said than done, but honesty will get your company far. Having a clean financial, legal, and safety history will ensure partners will feel comfortable working alongside you. SmartInsight allows users to easily monitor their own credibility through the ability to pull reports on their own company using SubSecure, D&B, and COVReports.       

Becoming a leader in the construction industry takes time and dedication, but you can kick-start your presence through the application of the above tips. SmartInsight could also help your construction company hit the ground running. Check out the SmartInsight website here to learn how you can start connecting with jobs now.

About the Author

My name is Leann Taylor and I am currently a senior Supply Chain Management student at Texas A&M University. This is my second semester as a marketing intern with JBKnowledge and I am more than excited to be back, learning how technology is continuing to transform the construction industry.

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Visit Us at IRMI to Check Out the new Marsh SubSecure Risk Reporting Integration

Defaults are becoming an increasing risk in the construction industry. Avoiding the risk of general contractor or sub default means reviewing contractor qualifications prior to awarding a contract–and that’s why we’ve incorporated  Marsh & McClennan’s SubSecure reports directly into our JBKnowledge products, SmartInsight and SmartBid.  

By taking advantage of the SubSecure integration, SmartInsight & SmartBid users alike can purchase Individual SubSecure Quick or Comprehensive Rating Reports on themselves or contractors they are interested in working with.  

SubSecure reports score a contractor’s financial factors against 10 important areas to help determine if they present a high risk for potential default. It’s great to know your score and even include your report when bidding projects, to show you’re a reliable partner, and you may also want to pull reports on potential project partners.  

Another option is the SubSecure Comprehensive Report, which goes into even more detail and separates each general contractor or subcontractor’s risk score into four easily understood quartiles of risk.  It includes the SubSecure Individual Benchmark Report and Portfolio report, along with an individual Z-Score.  It’s another great option for determining risk and displaying your viability as a project partner.  These reports are even discounted within SmartInsight and SmartBid for users!

If you’re a General Contractor, it’s important to mitigate the risk of working with subs, to ensure you don’t partner with contractors facing financial instability, or one experiencing operational difficulties.

If you’re a subcontractor, it’s important to be sure the General Contractors whose projects you’re working on are viable, that you’ll get paid on time, and that your partnership has the potential to last–SubSecure Quick and Comprehensive reports can help you make those determinations with confidence. You can also get ahead of the game by tracking reports on your own company and providing them early in the bidding process.

To celebrate this new integration with Marsh SubSecure,  we’re rolling out the integration at the IRMI Construct Conference, November 6-9 in Orlando, Florida. We encourage risk managers, general contractors, prime contractors, subcontractors and more to come visit us in our SubSecure Café, located in the Vinoy Ballroom on the 2nd floor in the North Tower, at IRMI for a live demonstration and to learn more about the tool.  If you have any further questions, visit our SubSecure page, log in into SmartInsight and check out the “Integrations” section of your profile, or claim a SmartInsight profile today to try it out.

In addition to rolling out SubSecure reporting within SmartInsight and SmartBid, JBKnowledge, CEO and ConTechTrio Host, James Benham, will be presenting “How Wearable Technologies are Making the Job Site Safer.” JBKnowledge Consultant and ConTechTrio Co-Host, Rob McKinney, will also present on the topic of “The Evolution of Safety Management Through Apps & Data.” Click here to learn more about the conference.

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SmartInsight’s Integrations Remove Hassle for Construction Contractors

The SmartInsight construction network is integrated with a dynamic combination of firms dedicated to improved data, insurance, financial services, documentation, and takeoff and estimating. SmartInsight has integrated with SmartBid, Dun & Bradstreet, COVReports, Marsh SubSecure, ConsensusDocs721, and STACK to streamline your construction project search and qualification process.


SmartBid is a product of JBKnowledge. JBKnowledge offers technology solutions to fit your construction (SmartBid), insurance (SmartCompliance), augmented reality (SmartReality), and consulting needs. SmartBid allows general contractors to easily connect with subcontractors during the invitation to bid process. SmartInsight’s integration with SmartBid allows subs to be found easier by general contractors who use SmartBid to send bid project invitations and documents. The integration between SmartInsight and SmartBid allows subcontractors to:

  • Combine their SmartBid profiles into one single profile to centralize and easily organize their bid project invitations and documents
  • Submit project and qualification info quickly, and easily, to contractors
  • Use the centralized information and forms to submit more bids in less time

To learn more about SmartBid, head over to

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet’s access to the largest commercial database allows them to deliver valuable data analytics on business risk. Through their integration with SmartInsight, Dun & Bradstreet allows SmartInsight information to be verified against the largest business database in the world. This integration allows contractors to use the D&B tools to view clean and verified data as well as order reports on current and potential construction partners. SmartInsight’s integration with D&B allows users to:

  • Create a DUNS-verified business profile
  • Pull four different D&B reports on any D&B verified business
  • Receive a discount on all reports pulled within SmartInsight

Experience how the integration with Dun & Bradstreet could help your company make smart business selections while also assisting in mitigating risk. Dun & Bradstreet also offers data solutions in sales and marketing, supply chain management, credit and risk, and more!  


Bowen, Miclette, & Britt COVReports is one of the largest private insurance firms in the USA with a focus on construction, energy, manufacturing, and general industry clients. The integration between SmartInsight and COVReports allows subs to request risk ratings on the operational stability of potential partners. This integration allows users to:

  • Assess their own company’s risk by pulling a full COVReport on their own company
  • Receive discounts if you’re also a BM&B customer and store previously purchased COVReports in SmartInsight  

Bowen, Miclette, & Britt COVReports offers an entire line of products and services including employee benefits, financial services, personal insurance, and more.   

Marsh SubSecure

Marsh SubSecure is the industry’s premier Subcontractor Financial Benchmarking Service. SubSecure helps companies analyze subcontractors financial standings and the degree of risk associated with them. SmartInsight’s integration with Marsh Subsecure gives users access to the following tools when qualifying businesses:

  • The ability to pull SubSecure reports which score business’ financials against ten key areas to identify risks for default
  • Request “Z Scores” on contractors to identify potential financial problems
  • Create a contractor portfolio report and analyze the financial quality of potential partners        

SubSecure is a product of Marsh, a global insurance broking and risk management firm, that offers solutions to a wide range of industries ranging from Aviation and Aerospace to the Retail industries.  


ConsensusDocs focus is on providing instant access to contract documents through their secure, web-based portal. The security and ease of accessibility of ConsensusDocs helps make your operations both safer and more streamlined. ConsensusDocs721’s integration with SmartInsight allows standardized construction qualifications forms to be available directly in the SmartInsight system to allow the easy use and submission of project bids. The integration allows users to:

  • Download a completed CD721 form straight from your SmartInsight profile in one click
  • Organize your qualification, compliance, and safety data in a central location

ConsensusDocs721 is a product of ConsensusDocs. Varying product lines are offered by ConsensusDocs depending on the needs of your contracting documentation.


STACK is an industry leading takeoff and estimating software. The integration of SmartInsight with STACK allows users to perform simple estimating tasks on files that sync to their SmartInsight Projects planroom. The STACK integration allows users to:

  • Use the STACK viewer to open and view project plans from anywhere, with nothing to download
  • Perform advanced take-offs and markups on project plans
  • Quickly and accurately estimate material volumes and their costs

STACK and SmartInsight officially announced their partnership at the 2016 SmartBid User Conference! If you missed it, check out highlights from the SmartBid User Conference!

A quality construction networking service provides integrations that are beneficial to users of the service. The most effective integrations are those that when paired with the networking service result in “best-in-class” solutions and an ease of operations. Join SmartInsight today to experience how our integrations with SmartBid, Dun & Bradstreet, COVReports, Marsh SubSecure, ConsensusDocs721, and STACK can help you grow your business and reach more contractors!

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SmartInsight Releases Premium Network for Connecting with Contractors & Finding Construction Projects

SmartInsight’s new Premium offering allows companies to highlight their capabilities beyond those of their competitors to connect with other contractors and win more construction projects.

Premium GIFJBKnowledge, makers of SmartInsight, an online construction network for searching, selecting and verifying contractors, has released SmartInsight Premium. The enhanced version of SmartInsight offers expanded features for its general contractor, subcontractor, supplier, owner, developer and other users.

Any construction business can join SmartInsight at no cost to centralize their data, search the global contractor network for partners and connect to request project and prequel information.

SmartInsight Premium aims to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes construction companies to find, share and verify contractor information for qualification and compliance. With added functionality beyond SmartInsight’s Basic users, the new SmartInsight Premium allows users to: access key company contact information, enhance their public profile, expand their networking reach, request customized information, reports and much more.

“It was easy and fast to sign up, and within a few days I was receiving ITB’s & RFP’s–I love the ease of use of SmartInsight and how many ITB’s from general contractors it has produced. Due to the integration with SmartBid and SmartInsight’s superior networking capabilities, our project workload has noticeably increased,” stated SmartInsight user, Jeff Stanley, from NorthWest Tile.

In addition to these premium functionalities, SmartInsight also integrates with a powerful array of solutions to help construction businesses connect and maintain the highest quality database of contractors possible. SmartInsight now offers integrations for users to asses risk of potential partners by generating credit, financial and operating reports via Marsh SubSecure, Dun & Bradstreet, and COVReports.

Construction companies can learn more and explore the SmartInsight network by creating a profile, at no cost. Contractors also have the option to try out the SmartInsight Premium offering for 30-days at no cost after creating a profile.

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Upcoming SmartInsight Webinar: “Introducing SmartInsight Premium Features + STACK Estimating Integration”

Introducing SmartInsight Premium Features + STACK Estimating Integration

SmartInsight has added an advanced set of features to its arsenal for increased networking capability, customized information sharing, as well as an integration with STACK‘s estimating and takeoff solutions for easy plan file viewing and markup from the SmartInsight Projects tab.

Attend our free webinar to learn how to:

-See who’s searched for, found and viewed your profile and make more connections with key decision makers
-Stand out from the crowd with a robust Premium Member featured public profile
-Request and gain access to critical contractor information to be proactive in your partner search & prequalification
-Grow your network faster with import and bulk connection features from email or .CSV
-Quickly view project documents and gain access to essential takeoff and estimating tools via the STACK integration

We look forward to showing you more of the industry’s fastest growing online construction network during the webinar. In the meantime, create your profile or log in to try the above features at no cost for 30 days at then come ready with any and all questions to the webinar! 

Date and Time: Thursday, Sep 29, 2016 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM CDT

Register Here

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June 2016 SmartInsight Updates – New D&B Reporting Integration for Risk Assessment

We know it’s important for you to network and connect easily so that you have an opportunity to make as many connections as possible–that’s why we created SmartInsight.  (If you haven’t joined yet, you’re missing out, especially since we’ve recently added a big new feature for both general contractors and subcontractors. Claim your free profile today and keep reading to learn more.)

We also understand that it’s important to qualify contractor info for project opportunities, that’s why we’ve partnered with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) to deliver cost-effective credit-checking services within SmartInsight!  We’ve summarized the new features below, but to get a first-hand look, register here for our live webinar demonstration on Monday, June 27 at 1:00PM CT.

Who is Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

D&B is the creator of the most popular and widely used reporting tool for determining a company’s profitability, stability and payment performance, helping any subcontractor or prime contractor evaluate both new and existing credit relationships and mitigate risk. They are also the world’s leading database of commercial business data, making their reporting the best and most thorough in the industry.

How to Find D&B Reporting in SmartInsight

Click “Profile,” then click “Integrations” on the bottom left of your screen.  Choose “Dun & Bradstreet” to begin pulling reports.

What Types of Reports Can I Pull?

Four types of reports are available, each under a different tab in the D&B section.  These reports include Payment Analysis, Business Information, D&B Comprehensive and D&B Compact reports.  Simply click the “Request My Company Report” button to get started.

Report Details

After clicking “Request My Company Report,” input company information, click “Add Order,” enter payment information, and you’re on your way!  You even receive a 5% discount on the reports when you purchase within SmartInsight. Reports may be downloaded in a variety of file types or added to a specific job within SmartInsight, and are available in several languages.

Log in to SmartInsight today to give the new Dun & Bradstreet reporting tool a try! And don’t forget to register for our live webinar demonstration here.

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Introducing the New SmartInsight Dashboard: View Bids & Intel At a Glance

SmartInsight new dashboard features an easier way to view all your account & bid info in one place.

Our latest SmartInsight update is our new dashboard tab with customizable widgets. The team at SmartInsight is committed to constantly improving our products — with many of our updates coming as a direct result of our users’ feedback. The dashboard makes it easier than ever to view your most important data at a glance.

So, what widgets can you add to your new dashboard?

Strength of Profile

This widget offers progress charts to show the level of completion for various aspects of your profile.  The more info you provide, the easier you are to find!

Connection Requests

Don’t ever miss an important connection with this widget. Pending connection requests will show so that none of your potential partnerships fall through the cracks.

Invite Others to SmartInsight

As a subscriber, you understand the value of being a SmartInsight user–and that value multiplies with every additional subscriber.  Invite others to experience the value of a SmartInsight subscription and add value to your own network by sending invitations directly from this widget.

Who’s looking at my profile?

Gain an understanding of how often your company has appeared in search results and how many companies have viewed your profile over the last 15 days in this widget.

SmartInsight Inbox

Preview your SmartInsight communications right from this widget to quickly view connection requests, updated documents, project invitations and other general communications.

Company Reminders

Manage upcoming deadlines, get reminders when items are almost due and more at a glance with this widget.

Profile Information

Directly from this widget, view and edit the basic contact information other SmartInsight members will see when they search for and connect with you.

My Location

View your company’s various locations and how they related to one another in this easy to view widget.

My Connections

View an interactive map of your SmartInsight connections to explore your company’s new and potential markets in this valuable widget.

If you’re ready to see the features in action, log in to SmartInsight today. Not a member yet?  Click here to claim your free profile and get started today! Remember, you can find details on all updates to the system on our website blog and in the SmartInsight support portal.  And as always, be sure to reach out to our support team at if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

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Introducing the Newest Features in the SmartInsight Construction Network

SmartInsight now offers new features: improved financial views, search capabilities and networking functions.

We’re happy to announce several brand new SmartInsight feature updates, all designed to enhance usability and value of the product for our users.  If you haven’t already, be sure to log in, check them out, and ensure that your information is updated in the system so that you don’t miss out on  anything future updates.

Financial Information View — Updated!

This section has been reorganized to more closely resemble a traditional financial statement, making it more intuitive than ever for your team’s financial data input needs.

Set Your Primary Code

The ability to set your “primary code” is new within the Company Information section of SmartInsight. Set your company’s primary CSI 2014 code for maximum networking potential!

Add Your Mug Shot

Smile for the camera and post your photo in the “My Information” section of your SmartInsight dashboard and start developing a more personal connection from the very first click.

Need Subcontractors?

Highlight your trade and management capabilities and let your connections know if you subcontract work by indicating your areas of expertise in the Company Codes section.

Search & Connect — Faster Than Ever!

Our menu bar is sporting two new features in addition to the new profile picture option.  First, the section formerly called Networks is now called Connections, to better indicate this feature’s functionality — the connections you’ll make within the industry.  Second, easily perform simple or complex searches in our new search bar.  Once your search is complete, easily add multiple connections at a time within the search results section.

We’re committed to constantly improving SmartInsight to help you grow your business.  Contact us here with any questions about our new features, and give them a test drive today!  

Want to see these new features in action?  If you’re already a member of SmartInsight, log in today and check out the new features. Not a member yet? Click here to claim your free profile and get started today!

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SmartInsight Webinar – New Features Are Here

On Tuesday, April 26th from 11:00 am – 11:30 am CST, Adam Denno, JBKnowledge, Inc. Strategy Director, will be hosting a free webinar about the new features in SmartInsight (@smartinsightco ). This platform has quickly become the construction industry’s fastest growing online network. Join the free, “SmartInsight – New Features Are Here”, webinar to learn how SmartInsight is connecting contractors to one another while also creating partnerships and business opportunities for members.

Denno will be discussing SmartInsight’s newest features, how your SmartInsight profile can be used to centralize qualification data and tips for members on growing their network with more general contractors. This will aid members in the pursuit of increasing the number of construction project invitations they receive.

The “SmartInsight – New Features Are Here Webinar” is open to both current SmartInsight members and those who are interested in learning more about SmartInsight membership. Sign up for the free upcoming webinar and learn how SmartInsight can accelerate the growth of your qualified contractor network and help subcontractors win more bids.  Click here to register today! 

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